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Mary Hannah Sigmon & Jason Parker — Minted

Mary Hannah Sigmon


Jason Parker

Mary Hannah Sigmon and Jason Parker

Wedding Date

Our Story

We met at North Carolina State University in the spring of 2019. Our first introduction was when we were paired up to complete a group project in our Sport Communications class. A few weeks later, Jason asked Mary Hannah out to dinner. We continued to enjoy time together until Jason was drafted after the 2019 baseball season and moved to Arizona for the summer. Although we lost touch over the summer there was a mutual spark that remained, thus we met up for lunch when Jason returned to Raleigh in the fall of 2019. Mary Hannah invited Jason to a function shortly after this which led to the rekindling of our love story. We officially started dating in January of 2020. Our long distance relationship started when Mary Hannah was stuck at home in Raleigh and Jason in New Bern during the spring of 2020. Summer came around and Mary Hannah spent her summer break working at Atlantic Beach where we enjoyed many days on the beach and many date nights, both at the beach and in New Bern.

Our relationship continued to grow despite Jason being gone in 2021 playing baseball. We were able to still create unforgettable memories and moments together throughout this part of our relationship. There were many FaceTime dates and calls that helped us grow closer during this period. We have continued to grow our love for each other through many weekend trips together with friends and family, making dinners, and enjoying NC State sporting events.

The Proposal:
Mary Hannah basically set the whole thing up for herself, and was completely clueless as to what Jason had up his sleeve for months leading up to the proposal. He began to design her ring in October of 2022, only sharing the exciting news with a few people before showing a picture of the ring to her dad when he asked permission to marry her. For their 3 year anniversary, Mary Hannah suggested that they have someone take some fun professional pictures of them, thus setting the perfect excuse to have a photographer there for the proposal. Mary Hannah went to her sister, Lucy (who was all part of the plan), for fashion advice on what to wear for said pictures (somehow Lucy convinced her to wear a white dress) as well as asked her to be present at the photo session to help with miscellaneous details. When February 11th rolled around, Mary Hannah was still clueless as to what was being planned behind the scenes. Jason proposed on NC State’s campus and had arranged for family and friends to be back at home to celebrate afterwards!